Simple Geomedia Warehouse to PostGIS exporter (pgFoundry Project Page)


The gm2pgsqlproject is a PostgreSQL Community project that is a part of the pgFoundry.

This is a simple win32 command-line tool for exporting Geomedia(*) Warehouse (mdb Access(**) database) to Postgres-Postgis SQL file. It works like the famous shp2pgsql. The tools uses odb32lib to read mdb file and do not required to install Microsoft Access(**); in some cases you must install the free downloadable Access Runtime.

Download and Usage

You may download win32 executable or c++ source files at:

This is a command line (DOS) command, usage:

    gm2pgsql [options] warefile.mdb outfile.sql db_schema_name SRID
    options: -p : preserve case of names (tables and attributes)
where warefile.mdb is the source warehouse, outfile.sql is the destination file, db_schema_name may be 'public' or another schema name, SRID is the system reference code of PostGIS. The command generate a SQL file suitable for insertion into a PostGIS/PostgreSQL database. Example:
    gm2pgsql -p USSampleData.mdb USSampleData.sql us_schema 4326

Some notes

For now:

Source File List and Building

The source file contains: Building instruction with mingw: go to mingw directory and type make.


Contact me at Claudio Rocchini. Istituto Geografico Militare.

(*) Geomedia is (C) INTERGRAPH
(**) Access is (C) Microsoft

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